What is KWIKI ?

     It’s a kit of electro-mechanical components for conversion of an active type manual wheelchair into a electrically powered. Kit fits Panthera brand wheelchairs, but can be customized to other models as well. Kit contains two motors, control unit, joystick and battery. It is mounted on wheelchair with minimal efforts and does not require alterations to wheelchair structure. Motors are directly coupled to wheelchair wheels by frictional coupling. Movement is controlled by a conventional joystick based control pad. It is powered by lightweight 8Ah lead acid or 7Ah LiFePo battery, which is enough for a whole day of use.





1. Never have to push wheels again! Enjoy effortless driving around using joystick only.

2. It is highly maneuverable, soon you will notice you are getting around faster then a healthy people, you will get to places where no other power wheelchair will get. Maneuverability is ensured by innovative method of power transfer into the wheels, allowing “doughnut” turn arounds and maneuvering in very tight places;

3. Lightweight – kit with lead acid battery weights around 10kg, with LiFePo battery – 7kg (total weight of wheelchair (U2 model) will become 19kg and 16kg correspondingly). Such wheelchair can be easily handled into car by accompanying person or you can fold and handle it as you would usually do with regular wheelchair without KWIKI;

4. Easy control – it is controlled by a simple joystick located comfortably on the side of wheelchair handrest. It allows precise speed and direction control, has few different modes of operation.

5. Easily disconnected if needed – opening couple of simple clips will disconnect motor coupling to the wheels turning wheelchair into manual operation so you can continue using it as regular manual wheelchair. Really useful if you forgot to charge battery;

6. Built in hill climb system – by pressing dedicated button KWIKI will start moving you forward automatically, while you can help it with your hands, useful when you need to cope with steep slopes and ramps;

7. Stay mobile – wheelchair retains all the properties intended by manufacturer, easy to remove wheels and fold frame;

8. Recharge is a breeze – recharging “KWIKI” is as easy as recharging your cell phone. Charger plug is conveniently located underneath the joystick controller;



“KWIKI” statistics:

Battery’s capacity: 2x 7.2Ah
Max speed: 15km/h
The distance traveled on a single charge: about 12km.
System weight: 10kg