I Robot

2000px-bluetooth-svg“KWIKI” is based on two wheel robot concept and is controlled by a popular Atmega 328 processor. This gives you freedom to upgrade your “KWIKI” and equip it with robotic technology accessories. “KWIKI”s control system firmware is based on an open source code and is provided on our web-page. You can modify it through freeware Arduino software. For easy program installation we have a built in ISP port, it can be accessed with USBTinylSP or similar programmer.

One of the easiest projects is bluetooth connectivity to your wheelchair. You can order this accessory to be built in your wheelchair or to build it in yourself. In this case you will be able to control your “KWIKI” via bluetooth from your mobile device.

You can find hundreds of accessories and sensors made for Arduino and Atmega systems which can be easily built into your “KWIKI”.  Distance sensor, white line tracker, gyroscope and many other sensors might be a good starting point. Imagination is the limit!