“GoKwiki” is a new electrical kit for “Panthera”wheelchairs and because of “GoKwiki’s inovative design it is capable to transform a mechanical wheelchair in to more advanced electric wheelchair.

Inovative solutions used in “GoKwiki” let’s us take one step forward in electrical wheelchairs and electrical kits sphere.

Why “GoKwiki” is so different? It’s only 8 simple things that are very important for everyone woth dissability.20150805_001711-01

  1. Fully electric
  2. Highly maneuverable
  3. Light-weight
  4. Easy controls
  5. Easily disconnected if needed
  6. Hill-climb assist
  7. Held mobility
  8. Recharge is a breeze



2016-06-27  „GoKwiki“ PATENT!


Aherbas_nukirptasfter full eveluation of application  Nr.2015 128 for “GoKwiki” system , Patent bureu has decided that

“GoKwiki”can be called an invention and publishes our patent.


Official patent information