Essential control device

Welcome to the official site for "Essential control device" by "GoKwiki". We have once again came up with a new solution to help ourselves live a more comfortable life and we will be more than happy to share our solution with every ALS and quadriplegic patient.

This device adds a lot of comfort to my fathers life everyday. Controlling and programming his heated blanket gives him more control of his environment. Integrated beeper can be programmed with different beeps to inform his nurse of a different operations she needs to perform and even inform everyone if everything urgent happens.

All of this control can be reached by simply adding our device to your eye-gaze or tongue controlled computer setup.

Main features

  • - Specificity developed for ALS and quadriplegic patients to provide essential control on everyday routine
  • - Controls body temperature at patients desire;24 h programmable temperature control (especially effective on patients with significant body mass loss);
  • - Replaces thick bed sheet for light and thin heated blanket;
  • - Prevents some pressure sores;
  • - Optimisation for better sleep;
  • - Audible signalling for nurses (like pee, poo and few other signals). Tested on nurse!
  • - Large buttons for easy use with eye tracking or mouth pointing devices;
  • - Smart LED indicator with mood lights;
  • - Guess pixel and guess colour passive games included!
  • - Language, software and hardware customisable. Open source software.

Note, this is controller only. In addition, you will need heated blanket, recommended is Beurer HD-75 or similar.

Technical specifications

  • - Wall plug voltage 110-230 V
  • - Heated blanket power less than 300 W
  • - Controlling processor Atmega 32u4, Arduino micro or Leonardo compatible. Powered by computer.
  • - Sound source - buzzer.
  • - Connection to computer via micro USB.
  • - Software source code provided.

This is typical connection of Essential Control device

View of software window

Please feel free to contact us with any questions and ideas!