About us

Everything started when Irmantas Mikulskas (founder of “KWIKI”) was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Not long after diagnosis he had to start using a wheelchair but it became an opportunity to create something new that could ease his movement and increase mobility. He knew that being disabled will make him dependent on environment and as a response to it “KWIKI” project was started. After spending all this time for “KWIKI” development we are now happy to offer this innovative technology helping disabled people live a happier and more active life.




Our team:

Irmantas Mikulskas – PhD in physics, made a career in lasers industry in technical support and sales, always loved creating all kinds of electronic and mechanical systems. Irmantas is responsible for “KWIKI” technical solutions and design.


Ignas Mikulskas – chemistry student at Vilnius University. Ignas is responsible for “KWIKI” production and sales development.